Dr. Creedon is not presently contracted with insurance companies. She does however accept PPOs. If you have a PPO plan, you likely have some OON (Out of Network) benefits. You can review your OON mental health benefits (which may be different from general medical benefits) to give you an estimate of what amount or percentage may be reimbursed for a PsyD-level clinical psychologist providing weekly therapy (CPT code-90791, 90834 or 90847). Often, PPO plans can reimburse up to 80% of the allowable charge. The allowable charge will depend on a few factors, including your specific insurance/plan, the type of service provided, and the level of education of clinician. As a rough estimate, allowable charges may range from $70- 120 for weekly therapy, and rates of reimbursement may range from 50%-80%. Other factors to consider with OON benefits from a PPO include your initial deductible for seeing OON providers and your maximum out-of-pocket costs. If you decide to use your PPO plan to seek reimbursement, Dr. Creedon can provide you with an itemized statement that includes all the necessary information an insurance company would require in order for you to file for reimbursement independently.

HMOs will not reimburse for OON provider services. However, there may be some specific plan that is part of your insurance that may offer some OON benefits. Please inquire with your insurance company. Dr. Creedon is happy to discuss fees if there is no insurance reimbursement possible.

All other fees are due at the time of each session. Dr.Creedon accepts cash or check only.


Please call Dr. Creedon directly to inquire about fees. Dr. Creedon operates on a sliding scale depending on financial need.